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Status of the Moritorium UPDATE DECEMBER 27, 2023

Explanation of Moratorium being lifted 2024
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The last testing protocols taken on the new treatment design in January and March produced results that met all the pollutant removal limits. Our Demonstration project was updated and sent to CDPHE for approval. CDPHE is now pretty confident that the Electro-Coagulation treatment is legitimate but is not convinced on the effectiveness of the biological process on the front end of the treatment plant. They have expressed the need for long-term testing in a full-sized plant. This leaves us once again in a catch-22 situation where we do not have the finances to construct a pilot plant and loans and grants are only available after the treatment process is approved by the health department. We are currently in negotiations with CDPHE as to what exactly is needed to satisfy their concerns. 

This, of course, has thrown a wrench into the moratorium being lifted anytime soon. We are at the mercy of CDPHE at this point.